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About Us

What you need for those you love.

CB Medical has been serving the community for almost 20 years. We have continually excelled at finding the right products for our clients and customers at competitive prices. Throughout our time in this industry we have continued to constantly expand our catalog and we are pleased to announce that all of our products and services are now available for viewing online – right at your fingertips.

Our experienced team prides itself in providing custom products based on years of experience and expertise in the field. In addition to our vast array of homecare, wound care and ostomy products, CB Medical also specializes in custom IV setups, custom surgical trays, pharmaceuticals, revolutionary breakthroughs in pain management, timely industry information and so much more.


We are a proud home-grown Alberta business providing a complete line of medical products and services both locally and across Canada.


Carrying name brands like Pfizer, Baxter, Holister, Medi, CEP, Sigvaris, Coloplast, Convatec, Tena, Salts, 3M and Braun, among many other quality suppliers, gives us a global reach in supply chain management. By harnessing the latest technology and the power of excellent service delivery, CB Medical provides predictable, efficient support to our clients and medical services customers.

In short, CB Medical is committed to offering the best products with the best customer support in the industry.

Working closely with you.

Customer Focused

Our goal each day is to provide personalized service to both individuals and healthcare providers. We work closely with healthcare organizations to help them provide better results while simultaneously reducing expenses. We achieve this by providing custom medical solutions along with strategies and expertise from our incredible team of people. We work closely with hospitals, clinics and practices to uncover ideas, find opportunities and provide solutions. Personalized consultation allows us to offer custom medical supply alternatives that meet our customers’ distinct requirements.

Values that matter.

Being the Best

We pride ourselves in providing access to best practices - from large facilities and independent clinics to our home health care patients and families. We believe in making a difference and differentiating our company from all the others. We strive to ensure that our knowledge, care and breadth of understanding always shine through.

Giving back responsibly.

For the Community

CB Medical was established in 2001 and has always been proud of the community that supports us. We are grateful for the trust that our customers put in our company each day. In continuation of this legacy, we believe in creating positive social change in our community and around the world. Our vision of improving people’s lives means partnering with organizations helping to make Alberta a better, more caring place. For instance, we are passionate supporters of Kids Cancer Care and Ostomy Canada and are committed to building awareness around Mitochondrial disease.

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